SUMMER 1963 TOUR, p.44

Ben Oostdam's Autobiography:

Saturday, August 10, 1963:
Up early with a roof full of mosquitoes. After a brief chat with the nice farmer, we took a shower and washed our underwear in the closest Supercortemaggiore gas-station and drank our 100 lires worth of hot chocolade and coffee. It took a long time to pass through N. Italy, some 500 km from Venice to Innsbruck, but still, the Dolomite Mountains came as a bit of a surprise. This is like Tirol, and people speak German, traffic is slower and we passed several reservoirs and road curves.
Later in the afternoon we turned onto a country road leading up high to a pine forest where we saw two deer. When turning back, I got stuck, and even using the jack we could not dislodge the car. Finally, and with the help of some kind German tourists, we used some poles to lever us out, and by that time it was 17:00. We crossed the border between Italy and Austria without any problems, then joined the long row of cars for the Brenner Pass and saw the spectacular Europe Bridge.

Europe Bridge


After seeing a few covered bridges we reached Innsbruck where we took the very first "Zimmer frei", for 90 schillings - without running water, but with a nice comforter- and 28 for breakfast. We changed and went out for a good dinner with beer and schnapps, which we walked off through Maria Theresia Strasse, passing underneath a golden roof and crossing a bridge over the River . . . Inn, which forms the boundary between the "hardrock" Central Alps and the Limestone Alps.

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