SUMMER 1963 TOUR, p.43

Ben Oostdam's Autobiography:

Friday, August 9, 1963, (cont.) :
We started our evening in Venice with a fine fish dinner for 450 lires each, and walked all over town afterwards. We crossed several picturesque bridges, looked down on the intricate pavements and up the towers, basilicas and cathedrals, arches and pillars, admired the Venetian glass , the spacious piazzas, the canals encroaching up the buildings, and the crooked gondolas which at 4,000 lires were too expensive for us. Most of all, we enjoyed the atmosphere, watching and avoiding the eye-empiriling manoeuvring of umbrellas in the soft rain which slickened the narrow crowded streets. We stopped for some fresh capucino and bought Rose a blouse and me a bagfull of the small tasty dried fish to take along as a souvenir. We noticed a proliferation of cats and presumed that rats might have taken up residence in cellars and flooding basements. Because it was dark and rainy, we did not take any pictures, rightly assuming that others would have done so and be happy to share their results. I guess I foresaw the WWW , the flooding problem and the vacuum of my knowledge of Venice's rich history which years later was filled so expertly by John Julius Norwich's "A History of Venice." But finally we were too exhausted and made it back to the car. We drove through the night towards Treviso but turned off into some fields near a farm, where the mosquitoes forced us to sleep in the car: a rather poor end to an otherwise unforgettable evening. (sheaves of sighs....)

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