SUMMER 1963 TOUR, p.42

Ben Oostdam's Autobiography:

Friday, August 9, 1963, (cont.) :
We were happy to see Rimini and its surroundings, especially Rimini's coast, but we had to hurry on. Our next stop was just past Ravenna, when I saw the railroad barrier coming down and decided on the spot to return to this historic place and see some more of the gate and S. Vitale Basilica :

Theodora Procession

Byzantine Art of the 6th Century (Justinian)
Other Links to Ravenna: Center (courtesy Zanzig) - Ravenna (in Japanese)

In the late afternoon we raced through the plain of the River Po, surprisingly like Dutch polder landscape. We passed through a very un- Dutch small town with a low gate, its own castle and a bridge across the Po (possibly Rosolina?). Around 18:00 we reached an industrial area, then suddenly the causeway to VENICE.

Clouds were threatening and we parked on the causeway since no cars are admitted.
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We dressed warm and eagerly walked past a seven-story parking garage to this fabulous city.

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