SUMMER 1963 TOUR, p.40

Later that afternoon (August 8, 1963)
we reached the attractive town of Pescara, 300 km from Bari, 205 km from Rome.


Here the "Greatest Adriatic Tourist Harbor" was constructed from 1980-1990, so we pre-dated that, too;

but my 1963 Journal reports "numerous German tourists and campsites from Pescara northward."

We camped just beyond Pascara in a field in the mountains where we had to flee from the insects and sleep in the car. The next morning, August 9, a kind farmer offered us a better site, but I gave him a cigar and we drove on for breakfast in Ancona after picking up a sand sample along a beach just before the rain started. (photo courtesy Mark Zanzig again )

BLO fecit 20030406


Ancona photos - Environmental Protection, Ancona - Regio V: Picenum Ostia Aterni (Pescara) to Ancona - Atri coast by Zanzig
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