Ben Oostdam's Autobiography:

SUMMER 1963 TOUR, p.4

Friday, July 5: Wrote a letter to Ted Chamberlain, Hawaii, and went to Schiphol Airport to pick up sister Carla (tanned to a crisp mahogany) and brother in law Hans, parents of Ronny, back from their trip to Spain. Another party!

Saturday, July 6: After taking Dad and Hans to the Central Station, I showed Rose the heart of Amsterdam, including Damrak and Dam, Kalverstraat, Leidse Straat and Place, where we had a coffee, and on the way back, the canals and the spectacular Oude Kerk (Old Church, dating from 1260!) (right) in the center of the Red District - which fascinated her no end (NOTE: 24,700 links on Google).
We also visited the Amsterdam University, of which the library books are filed by size !

Haarzuilen Castle
Sunday, July 7: Following sad goodbyes to Hans, Carla and Ronny, Dad and Mom took us to the province of Utrecht, where we visited this castle (left).
We passed between the Loosdrechtse and other Lakes, a scary experience by car but fine on a bike.
The day was topped of by a Beef Bourguignon dinner at home and cafe filtre afterward.

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