SUMMER 1963 TOUR, p.38

Ben Oostdam's Autobiography:

BARLETTA, Thursday, August 8, 1963 (continued)

Photograph courtesy
Mark Zanzig/

In Barletta we stopped to photograph the broze colossus which the Venetians carried off from their expedition
against Constantinople and subsequently lost in a shipwreck.

We also saw the Schwabian castle built by Frederick II of Swabia, a.k.a. "stupor mundi", who was the grandson of the German Emperor Barbarossa, elected King of Germany in 1211, crowned Emperor in Rome in 1220, and King of Jerusalem in 1229.
I undertook to make a study of the fascinating history of medieval Italy.

Barletta by Alberto Gentile
Frederick II of Swabia: stupor mundi
Chronology Frederick II : 1190-1272 by Lorenzo Matteoli
This is also near the site of the Battle of Cannae , 216 BC, in which Hannibal licked the Roman Army...6 miles south of Canosa di Pulia (Ofanto River) midway between Bari and Foggia
It is said that the Italian Committee for Cannae discussed Hannibal's technique with U.S. Gen. Schwartzkopf of the First Persian Gulf War . Truly a most applicable link while I am writing this on the 15th day of the Second Persian Gulf War:

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