SUMMER 1963 TOUR, p.36

Ben Oostdam's Autobiography:

Wednesday, August 7 : Spent all day in the sun on top deck of ferry. Rose is very moody, probably in the aftermath of some serious quarrels yesterday-morning. I read Mark Twain's "Connecticut Yankee at the Court of King Arthur." We briefly entered two small ports (one was Ithaca) and reached Korfu at 15:00. We immediately took a swim at the end of the quays, where the water was cool and clear but the bottom slimey. Played ball with the locals, then changed and went on the town. We ate two plates of spaghetti each and Rose got jealous and mad when "my" redhead French girl dropped in and talked with me. We drank more retzina. [note inadequacy of English and most other languages: who were "we"?? In Indonesian that is clearer: "kita" is we, including the person addressed ; "kami" excluding the addressee; but in this case, the "we" could refer to (i) Rose and me/I, (ii)French girl and me/I, or (iii) Rose, French girl and me/I. I am quite certain it was case (i). Case closed. Unless we want to analyze the word "more" and find out who drank "less", or to which tribe "me/I" belongs ... ]
My journal is unclear: "Walk through town but no material. Sat down between ants and horse and helped them carry grains, c.q. oats." Probably an implied biblical injunction for me to go back to work and stop lazying cq horsing around? Anyhow, it clearly shows that returning to a place which you had first visited full of excitement may prove anticlimactic and below expectations.
Back on board another tiff about a dispute with a Frenchman on "duties" and "rights", followed by one plate of dinner brought to Rose by the cook with whom she appeared to be very good friends.
There were not too many passengers on the last stretch, so we went to bed on deck at 20:30, only to be awakened at midnight by a loud noise when they turned on the vents and sucked in Rose's jeans which she had hung around to dry... after 15 minutes the vents stopped and allowed me to retrieve the jeans and the money I had given her...then the crew came to ask if any 'junk" had been caught. . . The rest of our night was wet and uncomfortable.
Thursday August 8: At 05;30 we woke up back in Brindisi. It took a long time, what with customs and the hour time difference, and I spent it worrying about money and the car. A prelim budget showed $ 37, It.lires 12,000 and DM 50. When we disembarked at 08:00 and ran to the car, I was much relieved (but not as much as the dogs had been around it) to see it in good shape, still properly locked but covered in dust, Rose's first thought was of Willy, who just woke up. No mail in the P.O., filled up the SIMCA with 60 liters at 4,000 lires at a km-reading near 10,000, and left for Bari.
Along the way through the flat coastal plain, we passed many oxencarts, saw vineyards, olive-gardens and quarries, and even made a stop at one of the

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