SUMMER 1963 TOUR, p.35

Ben Oostdam's Autobiography:

Tuesday, August 6, 1963: our last day in Greece, dedicated to its capital: Athens!
When Tony and I finally got back from Piraeus at midnight, our reception was none too cordial. Rose and Clea claimed they were starving, so Tony treated all of us including their visiting friends to a late dinner. By arrangement, I left the key for the rental car with the waiter together with the outstanding $ 5 so that we paid a total of $ 40 for 2 1/2 days of travel. We took a taxi back to Tony's and spread our beds at 02:00, exhausted and satiated.
Nonetheless, I woke up at 07:00 and wrote my journal in the centercourt till the others were up and we breakfasted nearby on omelettes and fresh milk. I took Rose back to Tony's and went into town with him to a bookstore (featuring a redheaded guitariste), American Express and the GPO where I bought Jamboree stamps. Then followed the market with its fine music, life fish and snails, grapes, watermellons, etc. We bought some cheese straight from a barrel, bread and glasses and saw a streetful of watertubs made out of old tires. Back home we ate a good lunch and Clea took me to buy Retsina.

real estate, superstructures and antiquity
compare and contrast unobtrusive man
at (in) bottom right (above)
and woman posing on far photo
Only then, when the day was at its hottest, did we climb the Acropolis, which proved slightly disappointing.

Upon our return, we packed, said goodbyes and dragged our heavy backpack and luggage to the train at Monasterion and on to Pyraeus where we boarded the ferry to Italy which departed at 17:00 loaded to the gunnels with French and Greeks, taking us through the Corinthian Canal starting at 19:00 ....we quarreled, made up, packed ourselves in canvas and slept like logs notwithstanding strong winds.

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