SUMMER 1963 TOUR, p.34

Ben Oostdam's Autobiography:

Monday, August 5, 1963, cont. :
While searching for Marathon we did have some good views over the island Euboia which lies moored alongside Boiotia (left)

Rose resting in Eleusian Fields

We finally reached Marathon, scene of the famous Battle of Marathon, 490 BC, where Athens defeated the Persian invasion force sent by Darius I; 192 Athenians fell as well as numerous Plataians (Athens' Allies). For the most recent update, please see : Battle of Marathon, 2001 AD

It was now the scene of the 11th World Jamboree which we finally reached along a nice new road descending into the plain filled with the tents of (10,896 +/- 502) boyscouts representing 89 countries!
World Jamborees
As a former crownscout, I was granted free admission and spent some time meeting the Thai and Dutch scouts, as well as the single survivor of the plaincrash which killed the rest of Philippine delegation.

We left Marathon around 19:00 and made it to Tony's pad in Athens using our parking lights only. We left Rose with Clea and took a train to Pyraeus to collect his English teaching fees (40 drachmes/hr) and arrange for the return of the car. We made a quick detour to visit the red light district, remembering the pyrotic Pyrean Prostitute Melina Mercouri in "Never on a Sunday" but made do with a meat-filled pancake each and returning to our own just before midnight.
(Melina went on to become the Greek Minister of Cultural Affairs!)

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