SUMMER 1963 TOUR, p.33

Monday, August 5, 1963. cont
Leaving Thebes, we encountered an almost Alpine landscape with high meadows and pine forests. Suddenly and just when we were almost out of gas, we came to an attractive mountain town with narrow streets. There were all kinds of displays of blankets,skins and carpets, including "flokatis," white woolly rugs, which cost about $ 25.

At the gas-station, we ended up behind a Dutch couple from Harvard!
We went to the temple from which you can see the sea and we visited the modern museum which was packed with busloads of tourists. Rose and Tony read and slept in the shade, while I climbed up the mountain to see the sacred places:Mount Parnassus, the amphitheater and numerous stones with inscriptions. After that, I first collected Clea who was very tired and impressed, then Rose and Tony, and we regretfully left this glorious place on the way back to Thebes. From there we turned onto a side road leading to the Marathon Lake/Reservoir where we spent quite some time trying to locate the site of the 1963 World Jamboree.
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Tony and Clea at Apollo's Temple