SUMMER 1963 TOUR, p.30

Ben Oostdam's Autobiography:

Sunday, August 4, 1963, cont.: From Nafplion, we took a good secondary road towards Epidavros, stopping for an excellent meat-bread and frozen-coffee lunch served by a most congenial gent just before the town. ,

This was a flowerful place with a very well-kept amphitheater which is still in use and famous for its excellent acoustics.

Since the Museum was closed we saw some of the contents peeking through the windows and found some fossils in the building stones.
Similarly, we had to make do watching the holy spa of Asklepios through a locked gate.

[Talking about beautiful doors. . . .]
We did, however, have an unobstructed view of the pleasant little harbor and its yachts and bathed along the beach - possibly near the sunk city - before visiting St Nicholas Church which was full of St George and the Dragon images, Heaven and Hell conceptions and Silvery Saints with paper Heads and Hands.

[In retrospect I am sorry we were here before the birth of Zeus ]

On the way back we took this shot (right), missed taking one of a group of begging gypsies, were stopped by a man commanding a ride for his old mother, and later on picked up two Aussie hitchhikers, Tony and Clea who were living in Athens and on their way to visit Nafplion. We got along fine, so they drove along with us tither and beyond our next stop thereafter : Tiryns of the well-rounded walls...

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