Ben Oostdam's Autobiography:

SUMMER 1963 TOUR, p.3

Tuesday, July 2: My Mother took Rose, Ronny and me shopping in the first "Supermarket" in Amstelveen, which I found most flowerful and excellent: the manager personally imported products from all over Europe which gave his store an international flavor rare in US stores of that time.
We were treated to "poffertjes", tiny pancakes sprayed generously with powdered sugar and smothered in butter; I was a bit disappointed that I did not enjoy them quite as much as the little boy of my memory.
That evening, we paid a visit to Uncle Piet and Aunt Martha. He had recently retired from the Bank to which he had introduced me in 1952 - they had been more generous to him and paid for a cruise to New Zealand for him and his wife, to visit their son Lo and his family. He also asked Rose: "What is the style of your father?" which elicited her response: "What??"

Wednesday, July 3: The three women went for a morning walk in the Park so Ronny could feed the swans and ducks.
That afternoon, we all drove to Zandvoort, saw the North Sea, race course, and many German tourists, and Rose felt very cold.

Zandvoort, decades later ...
On the way back we dropped in on the Klerekopers but missed my former Bangkok roommate Rudi. Passed by the Westeinder Lake at Aalsmeer, where rental sailing boats cost some Nf 15 a day ( US$ 5). I also called my other Bangkok roommate, Jan Hempenius, and invited him to go on the town in Amsterdam that evening, when we picked him up at the Central Station for a visit to Lido and Cafe Parisienne, a short gondola tour, beer, rum and "broodje paling".

Thursday, July 4: poor Rose missed Independence Day celebrations and was still sleepy. After taking my Dad to school, Rose and I drove to Amsterdam, first visiting the Hervormd Lyceum where I had a fine encounter with my maveric former physics teacher, Vunderink, then to the Admiralengracht where I met my former friend Jan Sprenkles, now in concrete. We also walked across the "Green Bridge" to my elementary school (Dr. J.Th de Visserschool) with its nearby sweets shop ("Bakkertje") and market, where Rose was surprised by the live eels, many flowers and variety of cheeses, meats and chocolade. Next, to the new Sloten Lyceum, where I waited long to meet my former Greek teacher, Tollenaar (tuflostatotatonthenountatommatei) and my classmate Karel Broers who had, indeed, married Noortje Mareciewski of our 1950 camping tour! It then started raining again, so I treated Rose to a hamburger, then drove along the Amstel and Angstel rivers via Uithoorn, making it back to Amstelveen in time to pick up my Dad from school. After a delicious Mom-dinner we visited Aunt Tine to talk about Indie, play guitar and sing songs.

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