SUMMER 1963 TOUR, p.28

Ben Oostdam's Autobiography:

Saturday, August 3, 1963, cont.: Omonia Square was crowded with boyscouts and German tourists. I left Rose in a restaurant with a shishkebab and the rest of my beer, while I went to search for a rental scooter. No luck, but after much searching we happened on a Greek Airman who took us to a friend who rented us an ancient Hillman from noon to-day to Tuesday for $ 35.00 and 2 drachmes per km over 600.
Learning how to work the brakes, I got quite hot and was happy to be "free" and out of traffic around 13:30 on the new road leading to Corinth (sounds very Christian...) We watched vineyards, olive gardens and the beautiful sea (Thalassa!), then took a swim from a gravel beach loaded with Dutch, Germans, French and English - and got my nose filled up with seawater! At the nearby restaurant with sign: "Tourist Information", nobody spoke English, German or French except for an Italian tourist who advised us against driving in Greece since he had had legal problems.

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In (New) Corinth- the historic old Corinth lying some 8 km westward was destroyed by an earthquake in 1858 - we bought a Dr. 10 bottle of wine to commemorate the Apostle Paul.
Next, we drove through some fine scenery including many sheep and donkeys , shady restaurants and railroad crossings, towards Mycene.
Here we admired the Lion Gate and the Cyclopean wall of the Acropolis - the only remainder of the famous Mycenian civilization (1300 +/- 200 BC) and Mycene"of the broad streets".
Finally, we drove by Argos - much smaller than I expected - to

, where we bought Rose a (Greek) muumuu, enjoyed an extensive $ 2 dinner and stayed in a private house (B & B ?) for 50 drachmes .
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