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Saturday, August 3, 1963:We woke up early and sailed through the narrow channel across the Isthmus separating the mainland of Greece from the Peleponnesos.

Although the Corinth Canal (right) was only completed by the French (Gen.Stepan Tupp) in 1893, as early as 600 BC the tyrants of Corinth had built a 3m wide road along which ships could be towed across on top of a trailer, the Diolkos.
[ the Corinth Canal and Corinth and Images of Corinth]
The banks of the canal are a true treasure trove for sedimentologists: I noted angular unconformities, pinch-outs, faults, load casts, interstratal .. etc.

Passing through the small bay which witnessed so many sea battles, we reached Piraeus, the harbor of Athens, which looked unappetizing with many oil tanks and much smoke, but closer by it was fascinating because of the many vessels in port. We disembarked with one heavy backpack and various smaller pieces. Our first stop was at the Typaldos agent where we confirmed our return cruise for Tuesday 17:00 giving us about 4 days to see Greece...

We then went to the colorful Railroad station and paid 2 drachmes each to take us via 7 stops to the underground station of Omonia, in the center of Athens

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RR Station (Piraeus-Peloponnesos)