SUMMER 1963 TOUR, p.25

Ben Oostdam's Autobiography:

Friday, August 2, 1963:
We reached Corfu very early in the morning. After a long wait for our passports, we disembarked, changed some money (US$ 1= 30 drachmes), and treated ourselves to a coach-ride. We stopped at a hotel, where we had breakfast of ham and cheese sandwiches. We then walked through the Corfu (Kerkyra) Town, built between 2 Venetian castles, visited the Esplanada - allegedly the biggest square of Europe, and stopped at one of the attractive cafe bars under the arches of the"Liston" promenade. We saw many colorful Greek "muumuus", dolls, hats, Turkish sabres and had a watermellon at a butcher's .

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Along the quays, the water was very clear and made me wish to take a sailing tour through these seas, like my brother in law Hans did in subsequent decades, or even as Ulysses did! We enjoyed the philoxenia and heard about the islands main products: olive oil and cumquat! All too soon we departed, at 10:30, and prepared for a hot day at sea!

From WWW research 40 years later, Corfu has become a giant tourist attraction, boasting 357,000 links on Google!
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