SUMMER 1963 TOUR, p.23

Ben Oostdam's Autobiography:

boasted medieval Europe's most outstanding medical school
July 31, 1963 cont.
We left Pompeji in the early afternoon and drove through Campania to Salerno, which looked much more inviting than Naples. We drove along the port to the swimming pools which were loaded with talent...

The Allieds landed
here on 9/9/43

We then turned inland through beautiful mountain scenery with lots of curves and ancient walled cities on mountaintops. We stopped in one town between Potenza and Matera and tried in vain to buy a pizza - 'they were not served till evening'

So on we went past ravines and dwelling excavated into rocks till we arrived in exciting Taranto at 20:00 when we ate a good pizza at a wonderful place. We walked around a bit and Rose bought some silk cloth.
fires near Taranto
Envir.Sci. at Taranto
Alexander the Great
"Miss 800 BC"
Rose wanted to go on to Brindisi, but after a while we gave up and drove into a field, too tired to set up our tent and fighting off mosquitoes - 3 landed on my nose simultaneously

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