SUMMER 1963 TOUR, p.22

Ben Oostdam's Autobiography:

July 30, 1963 cont.
We set up our tent at dusk paying $1 to the owner of the restaurant.

guidebook I also bough a small guidebook and chatted with some other campers, one of which gave us two tickets for that night's Open Air Amphitheater performance of "Euripides", where we walked after a good dinner.
It was in Italian, with fireworks and interesting audience, but we left at midnight.

Amphitheater with 20,000 seats
early diggings at Pompeji

Visit of German Emperor
to Pompeji

Pompeji (in German, excellent picts and organization)
BLO fecit 20030323
July 31, 2003:
The next morning we walked through the neglected excavations , found some tasty berries and saw numerous lizards. Memories of gypsum molds and casts of tragic scenes, frescoes, mozaics, amphora, narrow streets with high sidewalks and deep wheel-ruts.

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Pompeji Today Google-translated from German
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