SUMMER 1963 TOUR, p.20

Ben Oostdam's Autobiography:

Tuesday, July 30, cont.:

We parked near the Colosseum, which appeared small and unimpressive but close-up proved to be large and smelling like a urinal.

We walked through numerous corridors and found elevators for lions which were served by their soon-to-be victims.

After a cold drink near a gate of triumph, we saw the Forum through an iron fence, then walked past a wall with maps of Roman conquests - showing that at one time the entire Mediterranean had, indeed, been "Mare Nostrum" - to end up at the famous fountain

I left Rose there and walked back to get the car. She talked with a Roman, bought a coke and some postcards of Julius Caesar - familiar to me from "De Bello Gallico" in my 1940's Latin classes !
All too soon we left Rome, found the Autostrada to Naples, which we reached in an hour and a half - Rose sleeping, gentle rain, attractive scenery.

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