Ben Oostdam's Autobiography:

SUMMER 1963 TOUR, p.19

Tuesday, July 30, cont.:
Departed from Laco di Vico early in the morning, making towards Rome in surprisingly quiet traffic. We turned off to the Vatican and parked along the imposing Saint Peter Square, then changed and shaved in the immaculate bathroom of a restaurant.

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Memories of our peregrination are of numerous souvenirs, crosses, pillars, pigeons and 3 Swiss guards resembling Cor de Haan, Marlon Brando and Mr. Taylor.
The Vatican itself - which we had seen in Cineac Amsterdam a week earlier - was grandiose, full but expansive , with Saint Peter + key and foot (to be touched by the faithful) , loud guides, confession booths for all languages, beautiful womenfolk, and the serene La Pieta (left) by Michel Angelo. Tombs (Crypts) of all the Popes in the cellar, magnificent.
We enjoyed a good lunch in a small restaurant nearby, where we were led by handbills and a young boy. Next, we slowly drove along the River Tiber and, after seeing the island and bridge (left, with Rose), entered Rome .
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