Ben Oostdam's Autobiography:

SUMMER 1963 TOUR, p.18

Monday, July 29, cont.:
We walked towards the Arno River passing numerous statues, stately buildings and small shops where Rose bought a bracelet and we admired statuettes, leatherwork, gold and silver treasures and mosaics. We crossed the muddy Arno over the famous Ponte Vecchio with its souvenir stalls and stopped on a nearby terrace to buy a Yoga drink. I left Rose to pick up the car, passing a hat-market and a series mounted wild boar-heads, then retrieved her (rather easily because of her high blonde tresses) near Brunelleschi's Pitti Palace. Our last "stop" was the typical formal Renaissance Boboli Gardens, after which we left for Sienna - in the southern part of the Tuscany (= #9 on map) region.

Torre del Mangia
Palazzo Pubblico
We regretfully did not linger inSienna, but chose to cross into the next region, Lazio, characterized by beautiful mountain landscapes, little traffic, quiet and deserted walled cities, castles, white oxen and donkeys. [Perhaps we should have turned to the region Umbria, but it would take another seven years to the birth of MB in nearby Cittą di Castello ]
Rather suddenly, we came across large Lake Bolsena and the small town it was named after. We inspected a camping site but decided to drive a bit further south towards Rome, capital of Lazio.

Bolsena and Lake Bolsena
On we went past scenic sights across the Lake, to the town of
, where we failed to find a place to eat. So on to the next attraction, along a high mountain road to Lake di Vico.
Here we stopped at 19:00 and came across a profusion of large mushrooms. Nearby, we ate a good soup and drank beer and coke, respectively, enjoying a wide view in the mean time.

Lago di Vico
Regional Natural Reserve
Province of Vitembo
The blue-eyed people only spoke Italian, were a bit strange and distrustful, but allowed us to pitch our tent on a slope behind the eating house. That evening, several couples milled around, and Rose was very talkative till we hit the sack at 20:00. It was a windy night, so we had to tie down the flaps and changed beds resulting in sore chests the next morning...

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