Ben Oostdam's Autobiography:

SUMMER 1963 TOUR, p.17

I had to run out into the cold night with severe stomach cramps and dia, but was ok at 06:00 when we heard farmers around us. After a short drive we hit crowded Florence and were the first car in the ACI parking area on the Piazza della Republica. Monday, July 29, :

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In the wake of a nasty quarrel about our respective but irrespectable attires, we both changed and made up with hot chocolade and doughnuts on a terrace across the Basilica.
Later we admiredMichelAngelo's artwork which others elsewhere might consider a literal pain in the neck.
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I think this picture was shot in Florence,
but if you do not care for buildings,
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Florence has a glorious past. Just some names and quotes from its illustrious art and history follow:
the Ponte Vecchio
across the Arno River
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