Ben Oostdam's Autobiography:

SUMMER 1963 TOUR, p.16

We drove inland along a wide and empty highway to Pisa. We found a wall, numerous tourists, soldiers, merchants and three attractive buildings, one of them standing at a dangerous angle but dating from around 1150 Sunday, July 28, continued:

There was a pleasant and joyful atmosphere, so we drank some expensive juices while writing postcards before continuing inland towards Florence at 16:00.

Because of a bike-race, there were clusters of spectators. We decided to find a camping spot before reaching Florence, so we turned off to Empolis and Limite along a gravely river and took a gravely road leading to Montalbane, where we pitched out tent around 17:30

We enjoyed the view, and while Rose read a book, I walked through the vineyards to the village with its old houses and found the entire male population engaged in bowling in front of the bar. At 18:45 I got a bit worried about Rose and walked back. We ate around 19:30 and went to bed early.

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