Ben Oostdam's Autobiography:

SUMMER 1963 TOUR, p.13

Saturday, July 27 continued:

Then on to Menton, where around 12:30
I parked Rose on an attractive cafe-terrace, while I went tanking.

Next, we crossed the Italian border without inspection, bought a membership in the Italian Automobile Club for 21 frs, and exchanged our few remaining francs.

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ITALY was unbelievably crowded and warm, with hundreds of scooters exposing attractive females and legs.
Many curves, excellent road, but one had to pay to get to the beach.
I was getting tired and irritated and after another stop for excellent hot chocolade (neither of us could eat) we took the crowded Autostrada to Genoa

There, we turned off to a garage where a man promised us a room for $ 4 in Hotel Lausanne, wither I dragged poor Rose who in turn was dragging her doll Willy up countless stairs.
"Our" man now said they had no rooms without meal, so insisted on $ 8. When we refused, he called another place which quoted $ 5 without food. So along we went, installed Rose in a majestic bed and were happy...till the manager arrived and told us to leave or pay $ 11 for room and dinner. After much quibbling I settled on $ 8 for room and a single meal - Rose refused to eat - so I had a soup, wine and steak dinner downstairs with a Dutch lady who was awaiting the arrival of her friend, first mate. At 21:00 I was back with Rose and tumbled in the big bed.
(a mysterious note at end of the 3x5 log states: 'Jammer, want "straatje van alles"..')

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