Ben Oostdam's Autobiography:

SUMMER 1963 TOUR, p.11

Friday, July 26, continued:

From Avignon, we drove to Marseille, where we enjoyed the busy harbor, and (unfortunately...) first ate an expensive sardine omelet for lunch before we were invited by some fishermen to join in their bouillabaisse :

Rose was lauded as the American Brigitte Bardot!

I made the joke of being a "pecheur" myself, which stands for "fisherman' as well as "sinner" depending on the accent. We also tanked up and spoke to numerous would-be English-speakers.

We then headed for Toulon, the French naval port, and continued along the curvy Cote d'Azur - Mediterranean coast, saw some exciting bikini wearing girls and some not. Scenery reminded me of Baja California, noisy with cicadas.
At 18:00 we stopped for a quick swim in warm, salty water along a coarse gravelly beach. At St Raphael, we moved off the Estelle to a rougher road and pitched our tent near some ruins, drinking a beer while enjoying the sunset.

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