SUMMER 1963 p.50

Ben Oostdam's Autobiography:

A note stating that I only wrote the 3x5 journal cards from August 19 to 30 on board the ferry to England on the 30th. Small wonder there's some information degradation, or amelioration?

About August 19 :
"presumably hanging around, reading, and playing sjoelbak."

Wednesday, August 20: Up very early and took trip to Deltaworks with Navy-buddy Ton Vervaat in his VW bus. Originally, my mother had not planned to go along, but now she did. Rose did not feel too well, and it was a long trip in the gentle rain ("motregen") to Hellevoetsluis. (right):
Here we visited a fascinating Exposition about the Deltaworks, starting off with an instructive movie, followed by a visit to such display items as maquettes, models of dam-gates, and "Nablos" The word "NABLO" was not found on the WWW in 2003 (50 years after the the Dutch 1953 Flood), but it represents the prefabricated cross-section for the dam's piers and consists of an upright support triangle inside an upended larger triangle, thus forming four triangles.
[still less than 1,000 words so no need for a picture?? anyhow, let's not be lazy...]

The 1953 flood gave rise to the Dutch Delta Plan, which predated the WWW, so that not much could be found on the Web wherefor I did some scans myself, including the two page summary [(p.1) - (p.2)] on the Dutch Delta by Dr. W.F. Tanner, of May, 1986. Then followed a brief boat tour where they pointed out the "fish-ladders" (;o] ?) or "viskleppen" [fish-doors (not hatches)] allowing passage of diadromous fish. All in all, this was quite an experience, and it was only the start of the day....while it kept on raining! Next came Den Briel . . . .

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