SUMMER 1963 p.49

Ben Oostdam's Autobiography:
Wednesday, August 14, 1963: Rose did our laundry and I read. Phone call from Willard Bascom offering me job on Marine Diamond project in South Africa. When I told him I was still involved with my Ph.D., he said he had talked with Inman who had consented for me to take a year's leave of absence. Isaacs had recommended me. Quite some consternation in the family. Evening visit of Cousin Mack Todd from Germany and grandson Peter.

Thursday, August 15:
My Dad drove Mom, Rose and me to The Hague where Rose and Mom visited Madurodam while Dad and I visited our eldest niece/cousin, Mr. Angela Lopez Cardozo who was institutionalized ; she was one of the first women to obtain a law-degree shortly after WWII, in which her father, Joseph, perished in a Polish camp.
We then drove to the Scheveningen Pier with Jan van As and his girlfriend. On the way back home, we first visited Mary (Mack's sister) and Joop Stelpstra (whose bike I used throughout WW2), and later that evening, sister Carla and her little family: Hans and Ronny.

Friday, August 16, 1963: Hans and Carla went to Rotterdam leaving us to babysit Ronny. That evening we saw Hans' movies, including that of Majorca. We also carried the "sjoelbak" downstairs, some type of miniature shovelboard:

(notice the political move not to ship sjoelbaks to the USA to protest Iraq actions ....)
Saturday, August 17, 1963: In the morning, Hans took us shopping and eating "poffertjes" (little crepes with much butter and powdersugar), and in the evening we had a visit of Bangkok friends Jurre Kuipers and Jan Hempenius with his girlfriend Gerda.
Sunday, August 18, 1963: After the usual elaborate coffee drinking ceremony, Hans, Carla and Ronnie left, Rose knitted and I ordered Minox film and wrote a bit. First vestiges of boredom...

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