Pompeji today

Not least by bureaucracy, corruption and Ignoranz is to be gone down Pompeji as singular cultural
heritage of mankind regarding danger a second time.
Centuries long missed the responsible persons to keep the excavated treasures for future generations carefully.
Today once the wall decorations the decay famous for their perfection and conserved luminosity are abandoned.

A renewed earthquake 1980 caused likewise devastating damages.
Since that time many that houses once which can be visited became ramshackle and are closed for public traffic.
On the roads Pompejis periods many abandoned dogs their existence.
In addition come per year over 2 million visitor and it remain - as previously mentioned -
still over two thirds of the city for the archaeologists to discover.
Not all houses and quarters are accessible for the public.

Many archaeological teams from all world, predominantly from Italy, of the British School,
German archaeological Institut in Rome and the Bavarian Academy of Sciences investigate
art and interrelations of life of humans in the houses and their changes in the antiquity
on the basis the finds in areas marked out in each case.
All artifacts are washed, sieved and arranged temporally.

Altogether many pieces of excavation find in 14 km removed museum from Neapel brought.
In the in the afternoon hours one can regard unimpaired the statues and art articles from Pompeji there.

Only 1998 were explained to Pompeji, together with Herculaneum and Torre Annunziata by the UNESCO
as the world cultural heritage mankind.

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