Journal of my Tour by jeep of Thailand, Cambodja and Vietnam, November, 1956, p.43


NOVEMBER, 1956 , page 43

The next morning, I drove on along RN20 to Dalat, the French equivalent of Indonesian "Bandung" in the mountains. First I spent some time looking around Thudaumot (948km) - some 20 kms from Saigon, known for its lacquerwork - and bought a small romantic lacquer landscape with rivers and palm trees.
About 10 kms further, I stopped and had some coffee in Bienhoa (959), known for its ceramics and bronzework, as well as two narrow (one-way) bridges across the Donai River. Further along, the road was reasonably good and passed through rubber plantations and forests. There were also a few refugee camps along this road, filled with children. I was most intrigued by the many bridges and swift rivers, and by :

large granite boulders resting precariously on top of a granite outcrop near Dinh Quan
In these central highlands, hunting is a favorite passtime: rhinoceros, bull and buffalo.
Valuable tropical hardwood species include : Go, Sao, Dau, Cho, Gian Huong, while agricultural products comprise rubber, coffee, sugar cane, tobacco, fruit trees (rambutan, mango, durian) .

I came across some logging camps.

[NOTE added March 13, 2002:]
during the Vietnam War, agent Orange caused considerable damage in the forests, and other problems of the last few decades include deforestation, as well as illegal harvesting of forest produce and protected species.

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