Journal of my Tour by jeep of Thailand, Cambodja and Vietnam, November, 1956, p.32


NOVEMBER, 1956 , page 32

I also saw the frescoes from the Ramayana, which are poor compared to those of Angkor, as well as the crownjewels which are changed for every occasion, as at home, or traveling by boat, elephant or even automobile.

Outside, along the quay, I visited the royal barges being readied for the Big Water Festival to be celebrated a few days later. These also looked less impressive close-up than from far. In a way, I regretted to have gone closer rather than be satisfied by the fairy-tale view which the palace presented from the park in front. There ought to be a strong rule not to trespass and go through the palace gates, which would make everyone intrigued and put to work one's fantasy to imagine the furnishings and treasures of the Forbidden Dream Palace,

As is, poor as well as refined tastes go hand in hand where two cultures get together which do not understand each other. More than a single generation appears to be required to transit from Asiatic to Western art, and even though there are examples of successful merger it would be better to maintain the ancient Asiatic cultures and not to look upon Western art as superior.

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